Sausage Gravy (Jumper)



Sausage Gravy is a pattern we released in early 2017 and has quickly become not only a customer favorite but also a CPO staff go-to bait.

Quantity: 15 per pack

Size: 2.25″



PLEASE NOTE: The Sausage Gravy pattern has so much UV enhancement in the recipe that we absolutely cannot capture the likeness of it on camera, especially on a white background (as used in all of our other product pictures).  This darker background represents the bait better.

This small-creature bait is packed with an arsenal of crappie enticing characteristics. The flat belly allows the bait to flounder, making it fall slowly down the water column or your favorite brush pile.  Any movement at all sends the Thump Jumper’s legs into a frenzy, encouraging strikes from those sometimes tight-lipped big slabs. This bait works best when it’s moving, making it absolutely awesome when using a pitching technique.

We recommend rigging Thump Jumpers with a #4 round (aberdeen) hook or #6 sickle.

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