Ammo Bags



  • Your choice of one (15 ct.) pack of Thump Buddies.
  • Two 1/8 oz jigheads with No. 4 hooks.
  • Two 1/16 oz jigheads with No. 4 hooks.
  • One tube of Henkle super glue.
  • Guaranteed to last for 150 fish or your money back!
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CPO Ammo Bags come with everything you need for a successful day of crappie fishing.


Available Colors:  Blazin Raisin, Blue Wing Teal, C. R. Special,  Crazy Thunder Chicken, Dirty Deed, Double Jeopardy, Fishin’ Farmer, Funky Monkey, High Noon, Live Wire, Midnight Special, Mr. Blue Lightnin’, Old Faithful, Swamp Thang, Timber Rattler, White Hot


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